Whether you prefer the rich decadence of chocolate cheesecake or the sweet taste of fresh fruit, we have the perfect cheesecake for you.

Death by cheesecake isn’t likely—but it wouldn’t be the worst way to go, especially if you’re digging into one of our smooth and creamy cheesecake recipes. We’ve got a cheesecake that’s right for every occasion, whether you’re baking for the holidays, a special dinner party, or just to satisfy a weeknight cheesecake craving. Take your pick from more than 20 cheesecake recipes including decadent chocolatetangy lemon, free-form strawberry, banana pudding, caramel apple-brownie, piña colada, and of course, our very best classic plain cheesecake. We also have plenty of helpful tips from our Test Kitchen to avoid cracked tops, crumbly crusts, and other common cheesecake baking issues.  

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To Die For Cheesecake Recipes

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